Question Boot, then couple seconds shuts down

Jul 19, 2019
So I have a 3 year old system and I decided to switch cases, new ram, new cpu cooler, and new psu cables. I made a stupid mistake of using Corsair psu cables on an EVGA PSU. So after re assembled everything and went to turn the pc on I heard a click as there was power to the pc but nothing happened. After short research I found out that the cables are not compatible. So I re ran all the old evga cables from the previous build. Everything turns on I get the single beep from the motherboard and shortly after it shut back down. Then each time I try to start it, it shuts down faster. I tried switch back to the old ram, re seating the gpu, and double checked all the wiring. I’m started to wonder if I damaged one of the components with the Corsair cables. Please help


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