Question Boot Time Incredibly Slow. 2.2 TB Infinity keeps popping up? AHCI not showing in bios?

Aug 25, 2020
Hey guys I recently added an SSD to my spare rig so my mother could use it. The boot time was too slow with the old harddrive (roughly 1.5 minutes) so I got an SSD to hopefully get it down to 20 seconds or less. I installed windows on this SSD and ran some boot tests. Took 1 minute. The reason is because this 2.2 tb infinity screen keeps popping up everytime I boot up and takes like 40 seconds. I was looking into it and I think I need to switch to AHCI or something, but I don't see that in BIOS. Confused on what to do next to get better performance out of the SSD and decrease boot time.

Link to SSD

Picture of Specs

Video of Boot Up