Question Boot time is majorly affected by my HDD

Feb 24, 2019
I have a dell inspiron 7577 laptop. Since it was purchased it had no issues at all, but due to some odd system restore failiure my OS was corrupted and I was forced to format without saving personal files. To save my school data on the HDD I removed it before formatting. Once the format was done and windows was installed it booted like normal. I inserted the HDD back into the system and ever since then it takes 100+ seconds to boot consistently. I took out the hard drive and it immediately booted like normal.

Here is a link to a side by side comparison of boot times with and without the HDD:

I have tried many diagnostic tools in the bios and on dell's own website but everything comes back fine. I know the hard drive is the problem to this, but the solution I just can't find.

PC Tailor

What diagnostic tools did you try? I would advise on getting CrystalDiskInfo
What is your boot sequence? Have you ensured that your primary drive is at the top of your sequence?
Have you tried different SATA cables or ensuring those cables are properly secure to the drives?

Must be honest that original corruption of your OS - and then slow boot times after a reformat initially points to HDD failing.