[SOLVED] Boot time longer than I think is right?


Aug 26, 2018
Hello. I have windows 11 on a 980 pro nvme and when building my pc I was like, this is top tier, I'm gonna blink twice and my pc is up and running but, well it's not exactly like that I guess. It takes 20 seconds to boot, from pressing the power button to getting the windows welcome screen.
I do use some startup programs like rainmeter and wallpaper engine but I usually disable the ones I don't need.
My build is:
Tuf X570 pro plus mb
5600xt ROG Strix graphics card
Ryzen 7 5800x cpu
Deepcool castle rgb v2 watercooler
750w ROG Strix psu
980 pro 512gb as main and windows drive
4tb hdd Western digital as archive hdd

Fast boot is on as default, I am using the high performance power plan and there is a small overclocking applied to the parts. With such a build I'd expect like roughly 4 seconds to get to my desktop, but I get 20 plus about 4 5 secs to get to desktop.