Boot Up Issues - Must Hit Reset For PC To Boot


Jul 7, 2004
This is a new system, about 2 months old. PC hardware below.

Windows 7 64bit build 7100
P6T mobo
Core i7 920
6 gigs ddr3
1tb hd
1200 watt psu
Geforce 9800gtx+ (soon to be replace with radeon 5870)

The issue: Sometimes when starting the pc from beeing off, nothing will come up on the screen. No POST, or anything from hd, nothing comes up at all.. In those cases I've learned if I hit the reset button, the pc will then boot normally. This happens about 80% of the time. The other 20% the pc boots fine. I can also restart the pc from windows 100% of the time.

This all started about a week ago after I had issues with getting online. My other two computers had internet access, but this one did not. I tried several ways to fix it including reinstalling network drivers, windows restore. Then I found the issue, my gigabit switch needed to be restarted. I unplugged and replugged its power and I got my internet back. The next morning I went to start the pc and nothing came up. So something happened the day before to cause this problem.

Things I have checked/done: Made sure all components are well seated. I have also reset the bios.


Apr 16, 2008
Troubleshooting problems like No Post on cold boot can be very daunting. But you have to start somewhere. The obvious culprit is the PSU or motherboard.

Remove all the devices(HD, DVD, Network), use minimal memory and see if the cold boot problem happens.

Then start adding devices one at a time, this eliminates them as the problem. I've seen bad HD or DVD drives cause similar problems.

Test your memory individually to make sure a module is not bad.

If you have another PSU, use that to test.


Well flyin15sec, you were quite right! Thank you!

In my case it turned out to be a "bad" HD.

I have had this "Start twice reset" problem on one of my computers for a few weeks now. It suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

First I changed the BIOS battery, then keyboard and mouse (tried both USB and PS2), than the motherboard! (had exactly the same on lying around). But nothing helped. :-(

Than I disconnected three out of four harddrives, et voila, the world was good again!

Thanks again! I would never have guessed it.