Hey guys,

Im currently using a Corsair 120GB Force 3 SSD as my boot drive - from pressing the Power button to having full control over the desktop takes an average of 28 seconds.

This seems kinda slow to me - what do you guys think? Should it be faster?

If so please provide some suggestions to speed things up :)

Also - I have just bought a Kingston 120GB HyperX 3K SSD. Will the be faster or slower than my current SSD?



May 24, 2012
It depends - how many startup items are you running and what does the rest of your hardware look like? Are you running SATA III or II? And, is your Windows install fresh?


My Hardware is in my sig, including the fact I use SATA III.

According to 'msconfig' - Im running all services (microsoft, intel, nvidia) - and I have diabled all but 5 startup items (just intel and nvidia stuff)

My Win7 64bit was installed about 2 months ago now.
at boot you have the bios load...that is a fix time and chant be from the time the bios hands off to window loads that can only be changed. on most mb to save a few sec of boot time..there should be a quick boot or disable splash screen.
on some bios now (asus) they have a delay that you can set from 0-30 sec to get into the bios. with windows itself you can turn off under mis cofig the giu boot screen. that shave a few sec there you wont see the windows loading splash screen.