Question Boot vga dram lights on. No post.

Nov 30, 2020
So Im building a new pc with this specs:
Mpg x570 gaming edge wifi
Ryzen 7 5800x
Hyperx 32gb 3600mhz single stick
Rtx 3070 pny
Máster liquid ml240l rgb
Toughpower gf1 750w

I had some some modular cables lying around and I use them for the build. I didnt know that this could kill my pc.
Anyway I installed everything, when I turned the pc on, it shutted down inmediatly. After some trial an error I figure out that the cables where making this short, mainly the cpu cable...
I changed every single cable to its original and tried again, now I have boot, vga and vram debug leds turned on. If I disconnect the cpu cable only the cpu led lights on. Sometimes the leds are inconsistent.
I tried reconnecting everything, even updating twice the mb bios with a usb, with different updates. Everything is the same.
I need to know if I can fix this, or if I can know wich component is dead so I can ask for a change in Amazon, Im still on time to do this.
Thanks for the help.
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