Question Boot Win10 from HDD or USB drive and run from m.2 NVMe ssd?

Nov 7, 2019
What's up fella's? I'm a new member but not new with this site.. Been coming here for information for awhile now. Anyways, here's the rundown. I have an HP Compaq 4000 Pro (base or business model according to mixed results online), got it for free from a client of mine. I've been playing around with it to see how much I can improve it's performance, and have been pretty damn successful (up until this problem)... It came with a SATA 3 HDD, 2gb of hynix ram, and an Intel Pentium e6700 CPU. I tried an 8th gen core 2 Duo and it was ok but... Currently have a core 2 quad q6600 slcr in it (with the good old "tape mod", had a Samsung 860 Evo SSD in it but noticed very little performance improvement so I got rid of the Evo. It's got an x1 and x16 PCIe slot, so I bought a Yateng adapter card (4 Lanes) for the x16 slot which houses a sata m.2 and an NVMe m.2. Just got rid of the old used Samsung sata m.2 for a trade for something, so I kept the adapter card in with the NVMe drive (benchmarked it at around 1700 mb\s data transfer, don't remember off hand if that's read or write), and put the HDD back in. The HDD was damaged due to remote monitoring software that was remotely installed one night...odd.... Anyways, I get continuous errors when trying to install anything... Have formatted it and reinstalled windows a few times but get the same errors.. so, what I'm trying to do is boot windows from the USB drive, and then have the m.2 take over immediately after boot to run windows 10.. I'm aware that I can run all other programs and files through the m.2 but I strictly only want it to BOOT from the USB drive and then want windows to run from the m.2... if I can't then I'll just run it from the USB drive and put everything else on the m.2 but I know there's a way.. help meeeee please!!!!!!!! Thanks guys! And I'm not even sure if I worded that inquiry right but... Sorry for the length of this but.. thanks again!