Bootable USB flash drive


Feb 14, 2007
Im running Windows XP Pro, and I just got a new USB thumb drive. I may want to use this to perform a dos flash of my bios. As such, it would need to be bootable, just as if I had a floppy drive, which I dont.. I was hoping the flash drive would fill the function of a floppy, plus alot more. In order to do that, I need to make the thumb drive 'bootable'.

Heres my question. Do I need to install the boot segments of the xp os onto this thumb drive? Or can I pick a recent dos version, like maybe 6.x or something to install on the thumb drive? To further complicate, after I make it bootable, and it can solve my bios flash function, I would want to continue to use it as it was intended, ie, as a place to copy xp files to, either for backup or to transfer to another pc. If I have a dos format on it, would I be unable to copy files from within xp to it?

Should I just try and format it with an XP boot sector? I need some advice, as you can plainly see! thanks...

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