Question Bootable USB - No Media Present - Help Please


Apr 11, 2011
I'm attempting to reinstall Win 10 via a Bootable thumb drive, a process I have performed several times before on the same laptop using the same thumb drive.

Instead I'm getting a black screen with text saying:
"Checking Media Presence...
No Media Present."
Goes to BIOS. Thumb drive definitely reads as there is a light to show something is accessing it.

Tried the Thumb drive on other systems. works fine.
Re-created Thumb drive using MS tool just in case.
USB is set as primary boot.
Boot is UEFI.
Tried all 3 USB ports on Laptop.

I still have the primary drive (m2 NVME SSD Samsung 950 Pro) and the system still boots and works fine with that for the time being.

The new drive is a Sabrent Rocket but I can't envisage this drive been the issue as the install process isn't even getting that far.

Any suggestions would be massively appreciated!