Booth Babes ...

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A complete site link for all picture stories going back over the past few years from THG.

I felt you all deserved it ... <drool>

Pick the best single babe from the past few years from here and post it ... and I will award best answer to the girl who I think is the best.

One try per user.

Go on ... give it your best shot.

If you have read some of my previous posts the answer is easy.


I've searched through 8 pictures from the link so far. My senses have been stripped, my hands can’t feel to grip, My toes too numb to step, Wait only for my boot heels to be wanderin’ I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for to fade Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way I promise to go under it Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man..


Last year, I taught a young lady friend of my son's a Dylan song sitting here at my desk. Now She performs it live around the college campus bars! Knockin' on Heavan's Door. She is a talented singer and plays a bit.


I love that peace/love gendra of pop music from the 60's. Was playing a little CSN & Y last night Wooden ships and dark Star. Broke out into my rendetion of The Chili Peppers Otherside :lol: . That's why I never tried out for Clapton's band. :eek: Was watching The Mamma's and the Pappa's California Dreamin' on youtube two nights ago.


This is my Bernie Hefner pre-Edenhaus made in his garage Paul Reed Smith. Notice the three humbuckers which is unique. A friend and I replaced the bridge with a standard Les Paul unit a few years ago. This guitar is a serious instrument. It sounds awesome through my 100w Marshall. I play my American Standard Strat most of the time, but this unit is an awesome player. Hand crafted two piece flame maple top (hand picked) with a mahogony back. Three Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. Jeff Beck tail, 59' remake center and a '57 remake neck pickup.

Edit Mr hefner had to turn the head stock around to prevent being sued over copyright infringement.


Aug 31, 2006

LOL - Not only does it lower the sterling quality of this thread, it also made me throw up a little in my throat :p.


Connie: Greetings, parental units! [starts up stairs]

Beldar: Wait!

[Connie freezes.]

Beldar: Get your young cone over here.

[Connie reluctantly joins her parents on the sofa.]

Prymaat: You must consume mass quantities.

Connie: No! I have a date. I must prepare my cone.

Prymaat: Mebs! You had a date last night! Beldar, it is vital that you address our young one.

Beldar: Connie, we are concerned with the increasing frequency of your nocturnal interaction with the humans.

Connie: Do not be concerned. I can handle myself.

Beldar: Good. You know, Connie, Prymaat and I are not completely unaware of the problems which present themselves to you as a young, attractive cone on this miserable planet.

Connie: Oh, boy. You're not going to relate your life tales about the Arzoolians again?

Prymaat: No, but realize that when I was young I lived with my parental units on the planet Garnep in the Krint belts. All during this time not one Garneepian laid a tendril on my cone. So that on the day when Beldar and I had our langthoos joined by Shebvar the Relentless, I presented Beldar with an unhoned cone.



Beldar: The relation of the earth's axis to its sun is most noticeable today.

Prymaat: Yes, it's colder than a larthgor's mib. Beldar, we must maintain our lawn spaces to our human neighbors. You must collect the fallen tree particles.

Beldar: There is no human custom which says the female spousal unit may not collect the tree particles.


Prymaat: We did not leave our Guzz Module for three whole dreeodes.

Prymaat and Beldar: Mmmm!

Beldar: And, except for those two flathrags from Meepzor, it was my first time as well.

Prymaat: [rises, angrily] Flathrags! You never told me about flathrags from Meepzor!

Beldar: Mebs!

Prymaat: Mebs!


And last and most assuredly least, I leave this for our forum jester, and his great love for the french

Frank Zappa: Well, Connie told me where you're coming from ... [breaks up laughing] And I realize that as French people you must be very wary of Americans. Don't worry, I used to have a French person in the band and I know I can take good care of her.