Booth Babes ...

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In none of the pics, can you see nipples or a clitoris. If they were indecent, they wouldn't be allowed at those public events, as there are laws against what is indecent.

I'm not here to strong arm you. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. My point is, a normal sting bikini bathing suit will show more than those pics do.


What defines ugly?
Are you then insulting me, and women as well?
Theres what is called gray areas in this, as in most things
While I agree, some pics skirt that edge of tolerance, the vast majority hasnt.
Its been cleaned up, as aford has said

I applaud you for stepping up for your ideals, but in a world wide scenario, there will certainly be differing interpretations of some things

Saying all this, lets try and keep it a lil more closer to the conservative side here
There are a lot of girls (and guys) who are more than willing to show some skin for $$. And there are a lot of people who are more than willing to pay the $$ to see it. I don't call those women/men ugly. I call it business. We all have to work and make $$ somewhere.

Just remember, we were all born naked.