[SOLVED] Booting from old hard drive fails. Recovery loop

Hello, i used to have a pc with the following specs:
Celeron 450 single core cpu
2gb (unsure of speed) dual channel samsung ddr2
Foxconn socket 775 mobo
Onboard graphics (gma 950?)
7200rpm 320gb WD Caviar blue sata hdd
Windows vista likely 32 bit (never updated since 2009 when the computer was originally purchased since the pc never had an internet connection)
I dont know much more about this computer since most of the components were long lost back when i didnt know as much about computers.
I still have the HDD from this computer lying around as well as the origional vista install disk. The disk might say 32 bit or 64 on it ill have to check. When i plug the hdd into my main ryzen based pc using a usb hdd adapter, the os begins to startup and then goes to a recovery menu. Trying to get to the startup repair settings yields a bsod. The pc boot loops back into a recovery menu if i try to start windows normally. I assumed my ryzen cpu was the reason for this issue so i plugged the drive into an ivy bridge i5 laptop using the same adapter and got the same result. The ivy bridge laptops cpu has graphics drivers for xp so i would assume the i5 3337u cpu supports windows xp and because of that would support vista since the drivers on vista using xp dm.
Is there a way to boot from that hdd and get past the boot failure using hardware other than the original? I do not have the old pc to check with. The oldest system i have has a 3rd gen i5. I may be able to borrow an fx6300 system to check.

I currently have a pc running windows 10 with the following specs:
Ryzen 3 1200
MSI b350 gaming +
Gtx 1050 pny
I have an old hdd from a computer that came with a celeron 450 and on board gpu. This hdd has a 32 bit copy of windows vista last updated in 2009.
I have several games on there that simply wont run on windows 10. I want to run this windows vista hdd in my pc and eventually have a hdd with windows xp running on this pc. I am aware Ryzen doesnt support win7 or older. I still want to run vista on my pc and play these older games.
The problems: Have a gotten the hdd mounted in my pc using sata. When i boot from the hdd the computer immediately throws up a vista recovery menu. If i select to run windows normally the pc restarts. I can disable automatic restarts by holding f4 when the pc boots this allows me to see the error code. It isnt specific, stating fauly hardware, hdd, or drivers (most likely) were the culprit. If i use the repair option instead of start win normally i get further. I get to a screen with a b&w vista wallpaper and startup repair menu. It scans the pc for faults and states that it cant fix my pc. It gives me more options if i enter my password. I couldnt remember mine so i brought out my trusty password cracker live cd. This wouldnt work on ryzen either but i put the vista hdd and cracker usb key in an ivy bridge laptop and found my password. Booting vista on this laptop yielded identical results. Back in my ryzen pc i booted vista, entered the pw, and got to more options here i can get many diagnostic tools. I have ran memory diagnostic to no avail. I can access cmd aswell.
Any ideas how to make this work?
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Why are you trying to boot from it? Vista didn't support USB drive booting, so it probably won't boot on anything. If you need to access files off, either change the boot order so it doesn't boot, or plug in the USB device after the PC is booted.
I knew xp didnt support booting from usb but i figured vista would since it was much more modern. My main goal is to get xp running on a computer natively rather than a vm so i can play old games. I actually had a copy of nfs 2se running on vista using compatability mode (a miricle) and i still have the disk. I wanted to play that again and i wasnt able to make it work in a vm, so i wanted to break out the old hdd.
I wanted to boot from it to see if i could play some of the games including nfs i had installed on it back in the day. There is some photos on it i will recover. I can see the drive in file explorer once in windows 10. I may make a backup of the files and then experiment some more with the drive plugged into the sata ports. I also needed a blank drive to install xp on since i knew i couldnt install it to a larger usb drive, so i may format the hdd after a backup.
Ok so i have installed the drive into my ryzen pc using a sata cable. I still get a recovery message but i can use my usb keyboard to get past that. Once i get past that i get to a black and white version of the traditional vista wallpaper and black and blue startup repair box. It cannot repair the computer so it makes me restart.it says the last time i successfully booted this hdd was mid 2016. That sounds right. Once im on this screen my usb mouse and keyboard turn off so i have to use a ps2 keyboard to bypass this issue. I expected the usb issue same as win 7 on ryzen. Windows uses the basic vga driver and runs in low res. Does a gtx 1050 support vista drivers? How do i get past this startup repair screen? Windows cannot fix the issue.
It does give me a option to select more options including cmd but it wants a password. I couldnt remember it so i tried to boot into my ophcrack password cracker (password recovery tool) live cd i made years ago b4 ryzen was a thing and it refused to work on ryzen, just like all linux distros and old windows. It do remember adding the vista and win7 tables to the password tool. I used my trusty ivy bridge laptop and it worked. It found 1 password but not the admin passwork. Ill try the password it found. Finally that oph crack live cd became usefull.
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