Question Booting from SSD M.2 NVMe

Jun 3, 2019
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to solve problem with upgrade my laptop with SSD 250Gb Samsung 960 EVO (M.2 NVMe).

I installed Win 10 to this SSD and when i want to boot, it doesn't work.

I googled some recipes and tried to activate Legacy booting, turned off CSM etc. but nothing works.

Please can someone try to help me ?

How can I check if my motherboard support booting from M.2 NMVe or how can i evade this and boot correctly ? :(

There is link for my HP Omen specification

Moderator edit: above link is in Slovak - - - - English pages here:

I found this "guide" but i can't understant how does it works or what exactly i have to do.. maybe someone can translate this for me like for beginner ?

Thank You very much!
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the boot priority is correctly set to the SSD or windows boot manager?


BIOS is up to date?

I just tried to install W10 via usb key after disabling Secure boot in the bios and with hdd unpluged. Now its ok the computer boot on the new windows10 on the nvme ssd even if the hdd is pluged, and I had reset the bios with a secure boot enabled. It still work. No problem.

this might help
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