Question Booting from usb and installing windows 10 on ssd


Feb 2, 2017
Heres the scoop. Many years ago I was into pc building. When I went to college I bought a asus 2 in 1 laptop. I sold my gaming pc and I copied the os from the laptop hard drive to a ssd. fast forward and nos I've rebuilt a pc and I took the ssd out of the laptop. The build went smooth. I set up a bootable usb just using the media creation tool. Fairly simple I knew how to do it cause I've done it before. I set the usb to be priority boot. Then the windows 10 installations went ad normal. Until I ran into my first issue. I tried installing windows and it gave me the error that it's a gpt partion style. I had never seen this before so I looked up the fix. Using the command prompt section I cleaned it and converted it to mbr. Now when I try to boot from the USB it saids it's not a bootable device and I believe the os from the 2 in 1 laptop is still on there and that's what it's trying to boot from. It gives me prompts like trying to do automatic repair on boot and when I get to the blue screen it will not let me reset the drive. Please help. Thank you