Question Booting from USB takes me straight to BIOS

Aug 24, 2019

I wanted today to install a new copy of windows 7 from USB. The USB is fine since I just installed another copy on the same computer 2 weeks ago, but I wanted a fresh on. So, first thing that popped was the stupid "MBR -> GPT" message that windows can't be installed. So I went into shift + F10 to clean the partition and format it to GPT and that's when all hell broke lose. The USB wasn't recognised, the installer stopped working, I checked the BIOS setting, rested the BIOS setting, messed aroud in EUFI, went again to original BIOS setting and NOTHING. I am in an endless loop of booting straight to BIOS and even if I select at Boot Override the USB stick, I just get a black screen with a few clicks of a white line and that's it. Straight back to bios.

Did I just messed up my entire HDD that I now have to buy a new one?
This is why it's easier to use a DVD iso.

To install from USB when booted in UEFI mode, not only does the disk need to be GPT, but so does the USB stick, like so:

Windows 7 install media also needs to be 64-bit SP1, plus secure boot turned off in the BIOS.

When you boot in legacy BIOS mode, your MBR formatted USB stick boots from the bootmgr file on the root of the stick. In UEFI mode it boots from the /efi folder instead, from the GPT formatted USB stick.
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