Booting/post problem


Dec 5, 2012
Okay, so i put everything together and had my SDD + HDD plugged in and turned the system on for the first time. It brought up 'select and choose boot disk press any key' or something to this effect.
I turned off and plugged in my cd drive so that i could use that but now i don't get anything on the screen and now the screen looks like it is about to show something then loses hdmi signal and repeats this process continuously. Not really sure what to do now.


Jun 12, 2012
You need to remove your HDD (well, unhook it - you don't have to actually remove it). Leave your DVD drive plugged in to the Mobo. When you start up again, select the DVD drive as your boot drive and install the OS to your SSD. Then restart and select the SSD as your boot drive. Complete start up, make sure everything installed properly, and power down. Only at this point should you hook your HDD back up. If you have both hard drives plugged in from the beginning, you may accidentally install your OS to the wrong one.

As far as your other problems, I would unhook all the drives and start from scratch. You may also want to remove whatever discrete GPU you have - easy enough to put it back in once your OS is installed.

Try that and see if it solves the problem.