Question Boots, no output from integrated graphics

Mar 30, 2021
Had an old PC in storage, it's an HP, the kind sold to businesses, enterprise style. Windows 7 business edition.

Has integrated graphics. There was also an ATI card with DVI output installed, but i lost the DVI to VGA adapter, so i just plugged the VGA into the integrated port. System seemed to boot fine, no beep codes or anything, just no output. (The monitor works with other devices)

I tried a known working cable, and still nothing. I removed the ATI card, same thing. I was able to charge my phone on the USB ports, so it seems like everything is powered correctly.

Any ideas where to start?

Thank you in advance.
I looked it up, but the support options even on the HP website seem to be long gone.

At best you have an Athlon dual core @ 2.6 that is 64 bit capable. It may do over than 4GB of RAM but I thought I read it say limited to 2. This was produced with/for XP, so you've already gone on to Vista, then 7 which is (obviously) unsupported. I could not recommend using this for anything aside from either emulation, offline for retro games, or using a new "lite" Linux flavor if it would even load that.

If this is some labor of love and trip down memory lane I would suggest getting whatever adapter you need, and possibly even and old monitor, that you can connect back the "GPU" and see if you catch a splash screen.


Simple solution:
Replace the ATI card and purchase a new DVI-I to VGA adapter.

If you want to troubleshoot
It's possible the ATI card was installed because the on-board graphics had failed.
Check HPs web site for drivers, specifically the motherboard's North Bridge. If you find them, try re-installing.
If HP doesn't offer them, look to find the motherboard manufacturer and seek them there.

-Wolf sends