Borderlands 2/GTA 4 Screen Tearing


Hi all,

My PC is running an i5 3570k on a 750w corsair power supply with a Gigabyte GTX 670 on a Asus P8z77-v Pro. I had noticed some slight tearing (at least I believe it to be tearing, looks like an invisible horizontal segment on the screen the tends to move up and down) playing GTA 4 and just chalked it up to hearing that GTA 4 is quite a horrible console port. However, when playing Borderlands 2 I also receive a slight amount of tearing that gets to be quite bothersome. Unfortunately, I am not completely versed on what some of the more advanced graphics settings do/are for, and generally I just go into the Video settings and max out anything that looks like it improves graphics.

Specifically I have questions on V-Sync and the option in borderlands 2 to restrict the max FPS (default is "Smoothed 22-66 FPS"). I believe if i disable V-Sync and set the max FPS to "Cap at 60", the tearing seems to go away. I believe I may have also lowered AA or disabled FXAA. Can anyone give me a quick run-down of these different settings and how they can contribute to screen tearing? I believe I still need to update my GPU drivers (I downloaded them but forgot to install), so I do not know if that is contributing at all. I also am not sure whether certain settings can conflict with each other and perhaps madly clicking everything to high is not the best procedure!

I appreciate any assistance!


Jun 1, 2012
Well the fps settings in borderlands 2 seem a bit strange to me, especially the smoothed 22-66 and capped 72... V-Sync just syncs (locks) the vertical refresh rate and eliminated screen tearing (but presents mouse lag). Generally v sync caps the fps at the highest your monitor can display. 60hz monitor = v sync caps at 60fps.