Borderlands 2 Hybrid Physx fps drop


Nov 1, 2012
Got a question hoping you guys can help
here's my setup
AMD 965 x4 #3.8ghz
Asus Radeon HD 7970 @ 1100/1500
Asus Geforce 650ti @ 1120/1500

i enabled hybrid physx using:

used the latest nvidia drivers/physx

altho when i run Borderlands 2 with high Physx at the caustic caverns i get drops to 18fps
i see the gpu usage for the 650ti at around 11-20%
also when i check the 650ti with gpuz it doesnt show a checkmark beside CUDA

when i searched around i see people with similar setups with drops around 45 fps

Wondering if you guys had any advice on improving this or suggestions?