Borderlands 2 lag


Jan 9, 2012
so when ever i get in a fight in borderlands 2 the fps drops to about 15-25 and sometimes its even worse. I was play at 5980 x 1200 (with bezel correction) so i decided to drop down to 1920 x 1200 and i still have the exact same issue. im playing other games (bf3, skyrim, crysis...) in eyefinity and maybe only have to turn down AA or something, but ive turned everything all the way down and i still have the problems. they only thing i can think of is that its a driver issue and i just gotta wait for amd to release new drivers. anyone else know of a fix? any help is greatly appreciated.

here my pc specs:
mobo: asus sabertooth p67
cpu: intel i7 2600k
gpu: gigabyte amd radeon hd 7970 oc
ram: 8 gigs 1600 mhz