Borderlands 2 - PC alone or PS3 with friends?


Aug 7, 2012
I'm going to get a PC soon. However, I don't know which version of Borderlands 2 to get - PC or PS3.

A few of my friends have PS3s, some are getting some for Christmas ( ugh ). I try to persuade them into getting a PC, but they won't change their opinions :( I am going to start a gaming YouTube channel, so picking PC would be less expensive and easier to record with.

So, which version of Borderlands 2 should I go with? Please put all biases aside!


Jul 12, 2011
Well for me i would buy it for pc but since there is no freinds left you to play with you i rather go with them and buy a one for ps3 .. so yes go for PS3.There is no fun without freinds.I experienced it ;).
Borderlands is basically an MMO without the massively multiplayer part. You might as well go where your friends are, because single player will get boring quickly. The game follows the model of pick up mission from quest giver, go to location, shoot the bad guys, collect loot, turn in quest, rinse and repeat. It gets boring fast if you don't have other people playing.