Question Borders on Iiyama G-Master GB2760QSU


May 23, 2017
Hello everyone,

I am having a strange issue with my new G-Master GB2760QSU "Red Eagle" Iiyama monitor.
Its a 27Inch one with 144Hz, 1ms, 2560x1440 resoltuion.

My setup:

CPU: I5-9600k
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB

I have these black borders on all the sides except at the bottom. At first I thought its just a matter of scaling, so I just go in to the nvidia control panel and fix it there.

I went under "Adjust desktop size and position", in there I tried all the scalling options, nothing helped.

I went under "size" in the other window, there you can do it manually, it is already set to 2560x1440, but its still black on each of the sides, like its "missing" and It doesnt want to fill it up. Its about 6-7 millimiters on each of the sides ( 0.2 inch) when I litterally measure it with a ruler.

I was Google-ing the issue for an hour or so and couldnt find anyone with a similar problem for this exact monitor, I belive the issue is with the monitor and not to do with the graphics card.

I checked if the graphics card supports 1440p graphics and it does.

I checked the settings on the monitor, in there, I have "Image adjust" menu, when I go in there I go to "Video mode adjust" it is set automatically to "Full Screen". With this fullscreen option the borders are still here.

What is strange is, I do not have a "manual" option to set it to 27 inch, it goes max to 24inch, which seems a bit strange because it is a 27inch monitor.

I checked if whatever random driver is not installed, that is checked, everything is up to date.

I also went on the official page of Iiyama, downloaded their folder with all their drivers avaliable, found my model, installed it (restarted PC multiple times).

Under device manager, I can see my monitor is there the same brand and model.

I also updated to the latest Nvida Driver in case its up to the GPU, no luck.

So I am kind of stuck here, not sure what else to check/path to follow.

Your advice are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Are you sure that is not just the border around the screen? My Dell monitors I am looking at now have a thin plastic bezel but the screen itself does not reach the edges of the plastic, it's a border about the same exact size as yours.

If you look at the bezel here you will see there is still a narrow black border around the sides and top.