Question Bot Linking

Mar 27, 2023
New to the forum and a little in the dark on this query... I'm starting up a new business that sees a chatbot front and centre, I've had the Bot built via BotPress but unfortunately the developer has now had to leave the project due to unforeseen circumustances, so I'm seeking a little bit of helpful information, if possible, regarding the next steps. I want to link the Bot with my website and in particular the payment process. We are looking to follow this process... a customer buys a game on the website, they receive a confirmation email receipt that includes a link to the Chatbot, that when clicked opens up said Bot and the game flow begins. What I can't get my head around (being a complete novice in these matters) is how we go about linking the Bot and the website payment/email that allows the Bot to recognise a payment has been made and allows the game to start. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Steve


Not completely sure about what all is in place.

However, I would expect that when the customer is notified that a copy of the customer email is automatically sent to you/your website/bot....

Or some other specially formatted email to you.

That email is parsed for confirmation that the game has been purchased and paid for.

Next your website would/could send a follow-up email with perhaps some one-time code or PIN to the customer.

Then the customer provides when first opening the Chatbot which in turn opens said Bot and allows the game to be played.

Likely there are several ways of implementing the process.

Use multiple simple steps versus one big cumbersome step.....

Someone needs to flowchart the process as envisioned then the developer (the new one) will need to work accordingly.