Question Both GPU fans abruptly stop spinning on older card?

Aug 6, 2021
I have a Radeon HD 7870 in one of my server computers that had both fans just stop spinning at once.
I only noticed because the room is normally loud with the ambient sound from my card and when fans as powerful as the entrance to MIB headquarters go out, it is jarring.

I think that the power supply may be the issue, as the card did not cease to function and it is possible that the PCI/e power cables have stopped supplying power while it still is able to power the motherboard, but it could also just be that the fans finally need replacing on the card(hopefully.)

I unscrewed a ventilation fan and placed it beside the card and it has not gone over 53 Celsius, and don't plan on running any intensive GPU applications as a temporary fix for now.

Now, I don't have another power supply that I trust to work and that is powerful enough in the house at the moment and I did play musical chairs with different PCI/e cables running from the PS and had no effect.

On the plus side, I do have another card that is roughly the same power with one more gigabyte of memory, but when I put that on my current motherboard, it does not output mon this board, even after flashing a bios update.
The newer card is a GTX 670 and my board is an Asrock 970 Extreme4. The power supply is 550W.

Does anybody know how I might be able to get this newer card to work with this board, or what could have caused my fans to stop, abruptly?


How are you attaching the 670 to your monitor? I don't remember when the switch happened anymore, but I know at some point analog outputs were removed from GPUs. This means if you are using one of those cheap DVI to VGA adapters that used to come with GPUs it won't work because there is no analog signal to get picked up. If you can, don't use an adapter to get it to your monitor.

As far as the older card, I find it far more likely that the fans died, or something that controls the fans died seeing as they died at the same time. If the card still works I wouldn't think it's a PSU issue.