Both HDD and CD- ROM not detected in BIOS


Jun 10, 2012
Hi Guys,

My desktop had windows xp installed in it. Yesterday I tried to installed XP- sp2 in it. I inserted the bootable cd and repartitioned the whole hard drive. Then selected C drive for installing the windows XP- SP2. then the option came formatting the drive with NTFS format. I selected it and C drive was formatted. But after formatting, the system shows an error. The message was" The drive cannot be formatted due to an error, please use another partition for installing windows. Then I selected D drive and the same message was displayed again. Then it showed that there is an error in installtion and press F3 to quit setup.

Then I restarted the windows and tried to changes booting device priority. Now in BIOS, only floppy drive is being displayed. No HDD and CD-ROM is displayed in booting devices. But initially before installing XP- SP2 cd, I entered BIOS and changed the priority to CD drive. At that time, both HDD and CDROM was displayed in booting devices priority.

I dont know what to do now. Every time I open windows now it shows that "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device".

And when I am entering BIOS and trying to change the boot devices priority, neither HDD nor CD-ROM is being displayed there. Hows that possible that both HDD and CD- ROM is not detected in BIOS?

Please help guys. Ur advice might be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance.



For a better performance, its always recommended to clean the temporary drives on a regular basis. These drives have a very low memory area and a PC require sufficient space in these devices in order to work properly. I would suggest you to install a good Registry Cleaner in your system and run it every time you start your system. Along with that, clean the drives before shutting down the PC. It will surely solve your problem.
He can not even install the OS at this point.
Hi vishkkr87

Are both Hard disk and optical disk on the same ribbon data cable?
(master & slave ATA (aka IDE aka EIDE))
If so if one disk dies it can stop both devices electronics from working.

It is better to use separate ribbon data cable for hard disk & optical disk

check hard disk controller not disabled in BIOS settings

With power disconnected and taking anti static precautions

disconnect data cable from disk drives and motherboard and re connect
remove and reinsert power cables to disks .

Try with only CD drive connected then only hard disk connected and report if BIOS sees drive

[If SATA hard disk Controller in AHCI mode BIOS would see hard disk but Windows XP may not without correct driver
(but you would not be able to Re-Partition & Format disk)

Finally why were you re installing Windows XP ?

best of luck

Mike Barnes


Jun 10, 2012

Thanks a lot mike...

Yes both hdd and cdrom are on same cable..

Let me try as u said...