Question Both monitors both black screened within 15 minutes of each other ?

Feb 6, 2021

I have two Dell P2311Hp monitors connected to my desktop. Today, both monitors went black within 15 minutes of each other. I have swapped HDMI cables, DVI cables, and connected the displays to my laptop instead of desktop. None of this has corrected the problem. What I have noticed, is that the monitors display my screen, albeit, incredibly dimly (so much so that I have to shine a flashlight at an angle to see the display), and I can see my cursor move on the external monitor as I move it across my laptop screen. When I hit detect detect in display settings, my laptop says no external monitor connected even though I can dimly see my desktop on it.

I would have guessed the backlight has died, but its just odd that it happened to both monitors at the exact same time. They were purchased at similar times, but its still very very odd. Has anyone had this happen to them? Would it be possible to replace a component rather than buy two new monitors?

I am not sure if there is anything that can be done, but I want to see if anyone has advice before I buy two more monitors.



Update your post to include full system/desktop hardware specs and OS information.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition?

How are the monitors being powered: Some common power strip, surge protector, UPS, direct to wall outlets? What else is plugged in?

Will either monitor, as a single monitor work on the desktop?

Will the monitors work on another known working desktop?

Will another known working monitor work on the desktop?

What about in Safe Mode?