Question Both monitors go black when alt-tabbing to or from a Full-screen game.

Jul 30, 2022
Windows 10
Gpu: Rtx 3070 ti
Cpu: Intel I5 11600k
mbo: Msi z490
Ram: 16gb
New monitor: Samsung Odyssey G5 S27AG524 27 inch, 1440p 165hz hdr
Second monitor: AOC 1080p 144hz no hdr

Hello, i got a new monitor yesterday and from the start i noticed that when i start a game or alt-tab to or from it, both my monitors go black for about 2-3 seconds wich gets annoying after awhile.
Both monitors a connected via DP, i had 2 monitors before also but those were connected with DP and hdmi without any issue.
My nvidia drivers and windows are up to date
i tried turning off Hdr but that made no difference, turning off G-sync makes it so only the primary monitor goes black and flickers for 2 seconds when alt-tabbing


Try to find configuration settings that do not cause any blackouts.

Then methodically work upwards to the desired/required settings - watch for when the blackouts begin again.

Start with one monitor just on its' own. Then do the same with the other monitor just on its own.

Determine if one monitor or the other is the source/cause of the blackouts.

Then test again with both monitors.

Change only one thing at a time and allow some time between changes.

Objective is to find a working base and then discover when the problem appears. Could be some specific combination or mix of settings.

And you will still have the option to install monitor drivers as another possible way to stop the blackouts.