Question both monitors turn off

Jan 18, 2021
Good day, dear people. I ask for help, because I myself have crossed Google in different languages and have not found a solution to my problem. The situation is like this: 2 weeks ago I purchased new components. I attach the list below.

Power Supply: ZALMAN Wattbit 500W 83+
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3500x
Motherboard: GIGABYTE B450M S2H (bios f50)
RAM: HyperX Fury RGB DDR4 DIMM 3200Mhz (2x8)

Very rarely, during the operation of the PC, both monitors go out sharply (then with a characteristic disconnect sound), but the PC continues to function completely normally (i can hear discord sounds for example). Sometimes this is accompanied by a short-term or no freeze. All the times were in games, and not very serious. After reboot, everything becomes normal.
With the connection of monitors, everything is fine. The overheating option was also dropped.
I ran the test in AIDA64 - the system did not give any failures, from where I conclude that the problem is not related to the load on the PC, I was convinced once again. Windows itself was new and clean after assembly. Also, after assembly, the RAM worked at 2400 MHz and I rearranged the X.M.P to Profile 1 so that it was in the declared 3200. I blame it, but the motherboard and the base processor are also clocked.
I will be glad to any advice, thank you in advance and wish you health.