Question Both monitors white screened suddenly. Restarted my computer, both monitors not displaying on startup.

Jul 6, 2019
Audio was working while screens were white.
I tried troubleshooting for a couple of hours now, here is what I did:

  • Checked both monitors. They are both on.
  • Checked both display cables, both monitors correctly detect both cables upon connecting them to my external graphics card.
  • Checked a different display cable, both monitors correctly detect that one as well upon connecting it to my external graphics card.
  • Disconnected my external graphics card and tried the display cables on my internal graphics card in my mobo. Heard long beep and two short beeps, indicating a problem with the display (according to what I found online)
  • Connected external graphics card again.
  • Checked the power cords from PSU to external GPU, they seemed fine but I switched to different ports on the PSU anyway.
  • Moved both my 8gb ram to different slots. Was not hearing beep and keyboard/mouse lights didn't turn on. Switched back to original slots and lights and beep were back again.
  • Tried to reset CMOS on mobo, first by disconnecting battery and letting mobo sit for 15 mins. Tried again didn't work. Then reset CMOS by shorting JBAT1 on mobo with a screwdriver. Still doesn't work
Overall after trying everything, my computer is turning on, all lights and fans are on (except external gpu fans, but it is my understanding that they only turn on at a certain temp since they were not always on when my computer was working). I hear the normal beep sound my computer makes upon startup. Even my logitech keyboard and mouse LEDs turn on to the proper color that I set them to, which indicates to me that the logitech program I have installed on my computer that launches on startup is working correctly which leads me to think that my computer is starting up fine, things just aren't displaying. The only difference is that it takes a bit for the monitor to detect the connection, and it seems a little longer for my keyboard and mouse to change color. But perhaps this is just because I am frantically waiting for things to show up on my monitors.

All I was doing before this all happened was I was in the Apex Legends lobby, and had chrome and discord open. However, these are things I normally do without a problem.

I built my computer in August 2017.
Got new 1070 ti in Nov 2018.
Mobo: Tomahawk B350
Using a DVI/DVI display cable for primary monitor and DVI/HDMI for secondary.

Thank you for your help!
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