Question Both my 2.4 and 5 GHz bands are really slow


Aug 15, 2015
Hey guys!, I have a question regarding my Wifi speeds, which are very mediocre. I have Sprectrum's 450 Mega bit connection, through my computer which I'm connected through Ethernet, I can easily reach those speeds. But for my 2.4 GHz I can barely reach 60 Megabits when right next to the router and about 1/5 of that whenever I'm in another part of the apartment. The 5GHz is even slower at about 2O-30 Megabits, but it is more consistent in all distances.

I do live in an apartments, in which all the furthest distance between the router and a device is no more than 45 Feet.

I've tried to do multiple things to make sure everything is working properly. I've used a Wifi analyzer in both my Mobile phone and laptop to ensure that I'm in a clear channel for both my 2.4 and 5 GHz signals. I do have the router in my room next to my computer, the router is also pretty close to the modem with a Cat5e cable.

My router is a Linksys AC1750, which is the one I got when I moved into my apartment about 1 year and a half ago. One thing I do remember when I had my 100 Megabit connection, was that I was able to reach the full speed through my 5 GHz band in my phone.

I'm aware that when it come to speeds, wireless doesn't beat wired, and 5ghz is faster than 2.4 Ghz but does have better range and reliability.

I want to fix the wifi signal/ speed issue because, we use many streaming services in the living room were I we have our tv. Whenever we stream Netflix, Hulu, or Sling, it buffers or the quality drops to 240p . I've tried both bands and speed tested the TV (Vizio E 55 in) and in 2.4 , I get 12 Megabits, and with 5 GHz, about 15 Megabits. I'd find really impractical to run an Ethernet From my Room to living or vice versa, put the Router in the living Room and run an Ethernet to my room. Plus like I said before, the speeds are not to their full potential even when up close with the router.

I have tried messing with my router's settings in Desktop, but there's not many . I've only changed both band's channel so they don't overlap with neighbor's.


Start by doing a factory reset of the router. Your "messing with my router's settings" may have caused problems. Factory reset, then set the admin password, the SSIDs, and WIFI passwords. Nothing else. Check your performance.