Question Both Nvidia USB ports have stopped working on Razer Blade 15 ?


Aug 16, 2017
So I bought this laptop 3 month ago from Amazon and it was a joy... I kept it in a good condition with average use... Someday I tried to connect my external HDD and noticed that it it doesn't work and did almost everything and after a month non of Nvidia usbs work nor the 3.1 or the type C.

So I reinstalled the drivers changed all power settings Reinstalled all graphics upgraded and downgraded Restarted the bios Even removed the cmos for 2 hours Reinstalled windows twice between 11 and 10 Check with all my USB devices with other ports on the same laptop and others There was no bios update for some reason.
The other two usbs on the right side of the device work but no luck with the nvidia usb c or 3.1
btw i can see the devices drivers in device manager
It's a pain in the....1

Btw I was trying to connect my oculus rift s with a dp to type adapter with no luck Not sure if I messed something up when I was tweaking my laptop to get work But it doesn't make sense since there is no physical damage and I reinstalled everything in different versions softwarewise... Any ideas I really don't want to send my daily driver to other side of world for a replacement