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Mar 8, 2016
Main question....Will my ram speed bottlenck my computer?

Hi gys, thanks in advance for any insight into my question.

I am about to do a new build with the 3080.

I am planning on buying a new cpu, either 3900x or 4th gen 4700. around that area.

My mobo is currently the b450-f, but am probably gonna be upgrading this regardless to a 5 series.

I currently have 16gigs of 3200 low profile vengeance ram. If i buy 16 more gis will this bottle neck my computer? or should i just upgrade to 16/32gigs of 3400+

Im almost certain ill be fine with 16 or 32 gigs of 3200. but my friend is persistant that i should get faster speeds.

Any help is welcome. thanks!


16GB is more than enough for most games, with some exceptions. Upgrading to 32 will not help performance at all since the game wouldn't be using any more of the ram.

As for a "bottleneck", you'll always be limited by many things at different levels in your PC. Faster ram will help performance in any case. Could you consider it a bottleneck? Yes. But is it really that bad? No. You really should avoid thinking of it like that. Obviously there are exceptions, such as running your ram in single channel, or other extreme scenarios, but those are rare with modern hardware.
3200 ram is fine for now and not much faster than 3600. 2-3 years from now, you may see serious gains with faster ram in new games, but even 3200 will probably still be fast enough for most games.

DDR5 will be available in 1-3 years for consumer systems and have a standard speed for 4800 compared to DDR4 at 2133. I wouldn't invest too much money in more than 32GB of DDR4, unless you have an actual need for it.
I guess the real question is, 16 or 32. doesnt matter but with 3200 to 36 or 3800 make a big difference? ram is pretty cheap
Honestly, with your motherboard, I wouldnt buy the 3900X. And there is still a chance you can't run Ryzen 4000 on your motherboard. So you may end up having to do a full rebuild, which then makes 3733-4000MT/s a better option if ram speed if a real concern for you. Don't buy more than a 2x16GB DDR4 3800-4400 kit if you do buy a new motherboard, unless you actually need more than 32GB.
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