Bottleneck? Or PSU problem?


Jul 4, 2009
So im wondering which is my problem
I have phenom 8750 OC'd tp 3.12 Ghz, 3Gbs DDR2 @800 MHz, Asus M2n68AM SE2, BFG GTX 260 OC Maxcore, 700 watt PSU with 3 12V+ Rails at 18 Amps each. And Windows XP Sp3 x86

Could it be a Bottleneck problem or a PSU problem? i Got my PSU about 2 years ago for around 100$ forgot what make though haven't really looked at it in a while lol.

But back to the point i keep getting low 20 to 40 FPS in games such as Team Fortress 2 Half life 2 and CSS also 23 FPS av. on Crysis on enthusiast. On high Settings. All Games are playd at 1280 x 720 since i've always used that res and well i never change it.

If i play HL 2 on Highest settings i average around 30 FPS but should i be getting way over 30 lol.
Same goes with Team Fortress 2 on highest settings with 4x AA and 4x AF i average aorund 27 which was the same over my previous 9500 GT.
CSS gained a boost from low 30's to 50's on small populated servers on high settings.

So if its a bottleneck would a Phenom 2 550 fix the problem? Or is it my PSu?

Video Card Drivers are Fully updated, and right now its on the Betta Drivers, 190.xx saw a few FPS gains but still somewhat the same.



Mar 10, 2009
Just a quick question... I am having what I believe to be a PSU issue.. Systems not crashing... Just games when I run em will crash to desktop or give error 14 opengl driver has recovered.. Think its just my psu not able to support video card.. Yeah? Sorry, not meant to be a thread hi jack.