Jan 20, 2003
At what speed would you say the average midrange card is bottlenecked by the CPU? Like a radeon 9600, how fast would a computer need to be to take full advantage of the card? Would you be bottle-necking it with a PII, PIII, etc?

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Depends on the application, however I'd think it's pretty safe to say that PII would bottleneck any modern card.

Some games especially with alot of AI or with big/complicated maps require far more CPU power. Others will require just a basic amount of CPU power, but usually they also require minimal VPU/GPU power. It's rare that you will find a game requiring serious graphics power, and minimal processing power, although the opposite is true quite often.

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agreed completely.

most games still use an extraordinary amount of CPU processes although more of the newer games are starting to focus more on GPU processes(IE. FarCry). any pII would definitely bottleneck your rig as any p4 should be well enough to play games with a decent card (R9600) with adequate speeds.

***Disclaimer: I just used the Pentium chip as a reference.*** :lol:

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