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Question Bottleneck? Which component should i upgrade first?


Jun 14, 2014
Agree, this setup is over 10 years old by now, and there has still been some development during that time.
If you want to stay with games up to around 2011-2014 you might want to get something like a used HD 5870/6950/7850 or GTX 660/750 Ti/1030, but at that point you will run into stuff that either requires more than 4 GB RAM, a faster CPU or both. (Note that even a 2500K without OC is about twice as fast, and those are already at a point where they can be a bottleneck in recent games)

Keep it as a secondary rig or sell it to pad up your budget (for maybe 50-60 £/$/€ with a bit luck) , but if you want to play anything recent (2014 and up), you'd need a new build.
Try this test:
Run YOUR games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
This makes the graphics card loaf a bit.
If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics configuration.
If your FPS stays the same, you are likely more cpu limited.

Your psu might limit how strong of a graphics card you can use.
Your lack of a UEFI capable bios will restrict you to an older gen card.
Something like a GTX750ti might be a good upgrade, it sells for $70 on ebay.
The good thing about updating a graphics card is that you can use it on a future cpu/mobo/ram upgrade.

If your cpu is lacking, then I would not try to add ram or change out the cpu.
I might guess that you can buy a modern intel or ryzen processor, motherboard and 8gb of ddr4 ram for $250.
Feb 25, 2020
Thanks everyone, yup i know like mike say i'm wasting the money but i do that because i have low end gaming experience channel on youtube, IYKWIM. Anyway, once my channel approved for monetization i will do some upgrade.