Question Bottleneck

Apr 24, 2019
Hi, I have bottleneck problems with Ryzen 3 2200G and RX 570. It should be no serious bottleneck but when i play some games my CPU has high usage, between 80-100% and GPU from 50% to 100%. I think it is because I have single channel memory or i need BIOS update. My MoBo is Asus Prime A320M-K, and 1 more question, Is more safe to update BIOS from USB stick (Formated as FAT32) or from Asus EZFlash, where i only need to download latest BIOS version and select it in EZFlash.


There is a bottleneck there, but as you said it's not that bad. If the GPU spends most of it's time at 80-100% then you aren't bad off at all. Moving to dual channel can help a bit but it's not going to drop your CPU load down to 25-50%. You have a Ryzen 3 so it's going to happen on CPU heavy games.

As for flashing there is a risk any way you do it. I'm not sure one way is less risky than another.
One can pretty expect a 4c/4t CPU to hover at/ near 100% CPU usage in nearly any game nowadays...

GPU usage will vary depending on resolution/texture/detail levels with amount of available VRAM, and, a faster CPU can drive up levels as well...

With a 2200G and a RX570, as fast as you eliminate one limitation, another will be exposed...; neither is very fast nor particularly limiting for 1080P/low/medium gaming...

(I'd personally want an on-sale $95 R5-2600 ASAP, and then someone selling their RX580 for $100!) :)