Question bottleneck

Mar 8, 2023
hey all,
I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but i want to know what is happening with my pc.
Specs- CPU - ryzen 5 2400g
GPU - zotac gtx 1080 amp extreme.
mobo - msi b450m pro vdh
ram - 8 x 2 at 3000mhz
550 watt cooler master
500gb hdd and 240gb m.2 nvme

Basically my concern is the fps i am getting very low.
I purchased this gpu 3-4 days ago and the buyer sent me fur mark scores, before that i was using integrated graphics of r5 2400g. I did user benchmark and it states that it's running better than 80ish percent better than all.
the point is Genshin impact runs very good on max settings but in elden ring i just get 40fps even if i play it on max or play it on low @1080p. Same case with valorant, i can see 150-200+ when im standing but when i play the game it goes down to 40-50 sometimes. average is like 70-90. I don't know what is happening, i updated my driver, did nvidia control panel setting but I can't seem to find the answer. Possible outcome is bottleneck? Please i need help.

Furmark score - i was getting 130ish fps @1080p preset


Your in game FPS staying the same at low and max settings usually indicates the processor is the limiting factor in your system.
CPU bound games are going to make that worse, but transferring more load onto the GPU can help with that (higher graphics settings).