Question Bottlenecking maybe defect?

Jul 15, 2020
Hi! i currently have a system with a
550w corsair cx500 psu
ryzen 5 2600 (stock cooler)
fractal design meshify c
msi b450 tomahawk max
rtx 2060 evga ko hyperx 2733 mhz cl?? ram

my pc has been bottlenecked in some way. i game a lot and when i game my whole pc runs at like 60 percent load on cpu gpu ram . but when i game it's like my pc gets <Mod Edit> worse and worse. by that i mean that it begins producing less and less frames. i hit 120 frames in overwatch on all low settings. when i watch benchmarks and other ppl with same specs , they get stable 240. it's like this in all games.

somebody help pls. i have 3600 mhz ram to but it couldn't go up to 3600 then it would crash?? i have a red light on motherboard top
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