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Question Bottlenecking?

May 11, 2020
i recently bought a RTX 2060 Super, i think my cpu is bottlenecking it. my cpu right now is an i5 6400 on a Asus Prime Z270-A
i am thinking about buying a i5 9600K and Asus TUF Z390 Plus, is this the right choice for me and will it still be bottlenecking?

The reason i think its bottlenecking is because when i play fortnite forexample, the cpu is about 90 - 100 % whilst gpu is about 30% (acording to MSi Afterburen)

and also i have checked people playing with the same or about the same specs and they get much better frames and thats my main reason for investigating this problem
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Given the low clock speed, and being a 4c/4t cpu, it might be holding you back some, depending on the title. You can use MSI afterburner, to check CPU and GPU usage, to be sure though.

The 9600k is not a very good CPU. A ryzen 3300x, or 3600, with a B550 board, or an i5 10600k, with Z490, is the way to go.
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Aug 4, 2019
so you would not recommend i5 9600K?
this is a benchmark for the i5 9600K vs the Amd Ryzen 5 3600 and it looks as if the i5 is performing way better, atleast in Gaming and Desktop. and the differnce is also big against the Ryzen 3600X
The Core i5 9600K is an old CPU from an oudated platform, current ones are i5 10400 and 10600K, socket LGA 1200 + chipset Z490 or B460, please dont buy the nonsense i5 9600K is not a great choice (future wise, and even today for some games).

Userbenchmark is a piece of crap. You should always pick (for gaming) a Ryzen 5 3600/X over the i5 9600K all the time!!!!!

Also theres a really good B460 board MSI B460M Mortar (atleast according to this review sadly there aren't many reviews yet):
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZe_VC4i3wk

Z490 allows OC, B460 doesnt.
Apparently, the 9600K prices are down. At some point such a processor would make good sense for your games.
They depend on single thread performance, and a i5-9600K may well OC to near 5.0
Most games do not make use of the 6 threads that the 9600K gives you.
In fact, while fortnite can use many threads, the activity is centered on only two threads.

That said, if you are buying new, and not used, I would suggest buying the latest gen products, either intel or ryzen.
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Personally I would not pick a 9th gen i5. Either go 10th gen (twice the threads) or go Ryzen 3600/3600X. The 6 thread i5’s are already pushed very hard in some games and although strong average FPS they can suffer lower minimums which arguably impacts gameplay more than average FPS. The 6 thread i5’s have no headroom for the future. Games like COD MW are capable of utilising 12 threads when available.

Userbenchmark is not a good tool for comparing CPU’s. It’s know to be inaccurate and biased towards Intel.
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