Bought a new GTX 970 to replace old GTX 570, now I cant get display to work for either!


Feb 15, 2015

EVGA GeForce GTX 570 (970)
ASUS P8P67 Pro
Intel i5 2400k
8GB RAM (2x4GB)
Corsair 950W

Hey guys, so heres the deal. I recently decided to treat myself to an early birthday/tax return present and went out and bought myself a new GTX 970. In my excitement I went home, pulled the cover off my rig and began to clean it up a bit before putting my new card in. In doing so i popped out a stick of RAM as well as my old GTX 570 to do a little extra dusting.

Pop the RAM back in and slip the new 970 into the PCIE, fit it tightly, and reboot the system. The rig started running fine, no problems, all fans on including those for the GPU. As it boots I realize the light for my monitor is blinking, signaling its not receiving a signal. I look, and oops, Ive plugged the DVI into the wrong slot. I unplug and plug it back into the correct slot but still got no display. Its here that I realize that i forgot to uninstall my drivers from the old 570 and that may be where my problem is coming from.

So i take out the 970 and replace it with the 570. Boot it up and im getting the same problem. No display. I checked my rig again and notice me MemOK light is on. I figure maybe this is a RAM problem and not a GPU problem, so I remove one stick of RAM (4gb) and boot the machine back up. Low and behold the MemOK light has now gone off, yet im still getting no display. This is with neither the 570 or the 970.

Ive tried holding delete to get to the BIOS screen, both before and after the RAM removal, but have yet to be able to get there. I cant use onboard GPU because my MOBO doesn't support one. Ive also tried moving the 570 to a lower PCIE slot and still have no luck so i don't think its a slot issue.

I guess im just out of ideas! I feel like ive eliminated the chance of it being a faulting card as now neither are getting me a display. No matter what I do i cant seem to get to the BIOS screen to load the GPU onto the PCIE slot….assuming that may be the problem. Is my motherboard shot? It was working fine about 6 hours prior.

Im some what of a beginner at building and working with PCs, so excuse my lack of knowledge. Just looking for some help!

Bought a GTX 970. Switched out old 570 to new 970, now not getting any display.
Any chance you're forgetting to connect both PCI-E power connectors to either video card? other than that its possible that you moved some cable while taking in and out both cards, make sure every cable is correctly plugged in.

While the 570 should work directly, the GTX 970 might need you to update your mobo BIOS, after you get the 570 running if the 970 still fails to work it's most likely the BIOS update is needed.


I've heard of people running into problems installing new cards because they forgot to uninstall the old drivers.

What you should do is retrace your steps. You unplugged your RAM... pull it back out and reinsert it.. perhaps it's not seated in properly. Make sure your PSU is at least 500W for the GTX 970... and make sure you have the two "pin connectors" plugged into the rear of the card.