Bought a new RTX 3060 and all my games are crashing [solved]


Apr 30, 2020
My setup:
GPU - ZOTAC RTX 3060 Twin Edge OC 12GB GDDR6 192-bit.
CPU - Ryzen 3600
Ram - Corsair Vengeance 16gb (2 x 8) DDR4 3200
MOBO - ASRock b550 phantom gaming itx
Hard Drive - 3 different SSD's, OS is installed on a
Case - h1 nzxt

My problem:
Games run really well on max settings for somewhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes if im lucky. I will be playing Kerbal Space Program or Day Z Standalone, and on average I can only play for about 5 minutes before the program stops responding.

Relevant info:
Im using a pcie express 3.0 riser cable, the one that came with the H1 NZXT Case. I was suspecting the pcie 3.0 riser may have something to do with this but im not knowledgeable on how that works. Is there a way I can limit my GPU speeds down to be pcie 3.0 compatible to test that?
I upgraded from a used 1070 ti, it was getting old and started to get comp crashes. I upgraded to a 3060 and my comp no longer crashes but now my games will freeze and stop responding. post-upgrade I can browse the web and do regular stuff just fine with no issues thus far.
Ive checked temperature for every component they are stable, no high temps.
I did a clean install of the 3060 nvidia driver using DDU, did not fix.
I attempted to enable "debug mode" on the nvidia control panel then run a game to see what would happen, my entire comp black screened and crashed and thought I just fried my comp for a minute.

either its a faulty GPU, perhaps faulty riser cable, or both, or something else, I have no idea and need advice on how to troubleshoot whats wrong here.
If theres some quick fix to at least let me play games on lower settings or something without freezing until i can afford to replace parts on my comp, would be appreciated since im tight on cash at the moment..
Thank you...
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Can you plug it up directly to test it? (maybe a different case or bread board it).

Can you put your 1070T back in to see.

It sounds like you was having issues on your 1070 and your 3060.

I see now listing of power supply in your build, the power supply is verry imporatnt.

Do you have a computer friend to come help you troubleshooting person?
Did you do CPU testing?
Did you do ram test?

could be several things not enough info to pin point it.
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Apr 30, 2020
I would replace your psu with appropriate size as the most likely culprit.
I tried a different pair of wires for my GPU to test, so far it seems fine ill mark this as solved though I havent stress tested it to much. Im hoping it was just one set of pins that are fault and should be good now.
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