Bought an i3, need more vroom


Mar 19, 2012
Hello all!

I bought an i3 sandy based off of what I've seen in benchmarks and what I've heard other people recommend, and not that I've used it for quit a while, it just doesn't provide me with enough vroooooom.

I need a more powerful cpu, and I am thinking about upgrading to an i5 2400 or a Phenom ii x4 975.

Both will be substantially better for what I need. I play bf3, Civ 5, and do a lot of video ripping and tanscoding.

I also like to run multiple apps while gaming.

Let me know what your opinions are!

I am not talking about only games. Games are nice, but really, other things. Tom's had an article and I did the math, it was a 9.5% average gain on all the things they did. He won't be overclocking, so heat isn't an issue and the Ivy Bridge will perform better while using less power. Why not?

Yes! Although, I guess those aren't games, but still, about 10%. My point is that the Ivy Bridge is still better at stock clocks, so why not go for it?