Question Bought Kraken x62, Dont know if I installed it wrong but, temps skyrocket like crazy when doing simple things or games

Feb 22, 2020
I recently bought the NZXT Kraken x62, Installed it and assumed things would be going well. However had a few problems

On first day I had a case fan connected with the headers and for some reason this seemed to make all the fans run at max at all times, plug case fan back into motherboard things seem to be going well.
Now however, Ill for example open like Discord or Chrome and back on Air Cooling this NEVER happened, my cpu would sky rocket to like 70+ degrees and all the fans would ramp up insanely.
I may check to see if I seated it wrong, there was thermal paste reapplied and i removed the old thermal paste so dont think its that.

I tried opening RPCS3 the PS3 emulator and my cpu temps went straight to mid 90s which never happened before and I checked BIOS theres no overclock applied at all since Ive been having issues and I havent touched the voltage.
The USB is plugged in for the AIO header and the power is plugged in for the sata so I genuinely don't know whats going on other than if I maybe seated it wrong but I dont think thats the case.

The fans for the cooler are in a push configuration so exhausting air
and case fans are pulling in. Would this be causing such issues?