Discussion Bought wrong HDD's - what to do with them?


Jul 15, 2015
I used to archive all my old video projects on various external drives (WD MyBook's), but I have LOTS of data (currently 13+TB) so this was both getting unwieldy and provided no redundancy. So I bought a DROBO 5c and starting filling it with HDD's.

I thought I would save money and buy the cheap drives (this was only for archive) so I bought 4x Seagate Barracudas at 5400 RPM. Turns out these won't work with the DROBO (too slow they said), so I had to go out and by 4x additional Seagate Barracuda NAS drives at 7200RPM.

Everything works great now, but I'm left with the old drives 2x 6TB drives and 2x 8TB drives (1 never even opened). Hardly used. I feel likes its been to late to return them, not sure that I can. Any ideas on how I could use them? Could I sell them, and where?
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I never heard of drobo not working with a drive, they just prefer 7200rpm's for performance.

If those Seagates have 256mb cachew then they are probably SMR drives and have some write oddities that can make them very slow at times.

As for uses: Stick them in a home made NAS. You can build on pretty cheap and it won't care about the speed. Your network in your house is probably gigagbit so the most speed you'll get to a Nas is ~110MB/s.
You could also stick them in external enclosures and have backups of the Drobo.
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