Review Boulies Master Chair Review: Double Duty


Jan 2, 2023
Gamer chairs are a silly fad and the same goes for those trying to be office chairs, while looking like gamer chairs.

A good chair lets you move around a little, so chairs with bolstering meant to keep you in place has no place at a desk. Such bolstering makes sense in a race car, but there you need support to stay in place in front of the wheel and even the most exciting game doesn't inflict g-forces on you.

It may be that you can find a gaming chair which feels comfortable, but in the long run not being able to alter how you sit for hours is not healthy. So don't fall for the fad. Get a good office chair instead and note that good doesn't equal expensive, the expensive ones may be slightly better but mostly it is longevity and design that make them costly.

Also, while we are at it. A desk that lets you raise it up to standing height is a good thing also, it allows you to not sit all the time - there is a reason such desks are becoming the standard in offices (and it is very easy to get at the computer under the desk if needed).

Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
Wow...what a small office space for the Boulies. But easy for me to say, as I sit happy and free in Moms basement with over 15-times more space and a nearby refrigerator. For me in times of our ongoing financial crises and available jobs with no meaningful benefits, the $274 Boulies chair looks more “unnecessary” than functional. Indeed ‘Gaming Chair’ vendors usually provide cheap casters, just like AIO vendors providing cheap fans. Indeed not all caster wheels are created equal. My basement command center office chair for the past 5-years came from the Salvation Army for $19. My splurge: $21 set of 5 heavy-duty, polyurethane, industrial-grade steel, precision ball bearings casters from Amazon Warehouse. No desk chair mat will ever be required. An 'Ash Gray' water-repellent fabric option? Not for me as my addiction for Mountain Dew and my rather non-etiquette Pizza habits during long nights of gaming, require slick surfaces. Even if I had the extra $274 Boulies money in my pocket, I would use it for hardware upgrades like a 2-3 generation ago MBs, GPU, CPU available at the local computer show! More real fun for the buck!