Box to store a Corsair 4000D in?


May 8, 2022
I'm working on moving, my last post was about how to properly store my PC long-term, and someone suggested using the box the case came in. Unfortunately, I don't have it anymore. All the 66-something quart storage bins I have, it doesn't fit in. I bought a huge 28x33 50 gal storage bin, and it didn't fit because the sides of the box engrave inwards, and the bottom is much smaller than the top of the box.

I'd prefer a plastic bin, though I could get cardboard and wrap it in plastic, but all the 20x20 cardboard boxes I can find online are a huge pack for $50+ when I only need one box.

I've spent hours scrubbing the internet. I'm about to just cut up one of the plastic bins I have and hot glue it together in a shape that fits, but I doubt that'd be very structurally sound.

eBay doesn't seem to have many PC case boxes.