Boxed AMD Ryzen 1700 has tray part number

Gloom Demon

Mar 18, 2017

I have just received a boxed AMD Ryzen 1700, bought on Ebay. Strangely, the CPU's partnumber is not YD1700BBAEBOX, which it should be for the boxed version, but YD1700BBM88AE, which is the part number for the tray version.

How can this be, and what might be the reason for this - I still got the cooler and there should be no difference in the boxed or trayed CPU...

If this is some sort of scam I fail to understand it.

Who knows? We could make random guesses all day as to why... Ebay seller had some tray versions and selling them, maybe AMD put some tray version in retail boxes (doubtful but not impossible), ect. Just too many links in the chain to fully know what happen and why.

as long as it works in your system and supports all the features that it should have, then i really wouldn't worry to much about it.
Oct 3, 2018
you should recognize like this:

YD1700BBAEBOX is the part no. of whole retail box of the cpu, including accessories.
YD1700BBM88AE is the part no.of the processor itself.

therefore the cpu is always engraved so called oem part number on its ihs, regardless if they would be for retail or oem, but for the box, retail part no. is printed. oem or tray cpu is said have "another" part no. just because they do not have the box.