[SOLVED] Brand new 3D SSD corrupted entire 45GB work folder


Mar 6, 2017
I bought a KLEVV NEO N500 120GB 3D SSD like 3 weeks ago to store a copy of my main work project on while I make big changes to it on another drive. I swapped it into my off board USB case that had a 12GB SSD in it for years without problems, so the cable and case are well tested, albeit anything can happen.

Last night mid-programming I get a read-write error, windows says scandisk found an error but can't fix it, I go to reboot. My ASUS motherboard starts messing with it automatically, and when it comes on the entire folder is missing. I immediately ran Recuva, and it shows the folder as a ? but most of the contents are garbled and missing.

Currently the SSD says 60GB/120 are in use, but only shows 15GB of files, the 45GB work folder isn't there. I assume I'm just going to have to format it.

But, two SSD's running for years without problems, and this new one dies in a couple weeks, makes me think I've got a botched product. I'll try contacting the place I got it from tomorrow, but what do you think? Just unlucky? Is 3D NAND more prone to failure than MLC with SLC still being the strongest? A hard disk that can't hold data is an absolute nightmare... Would love some opinions on what to replace it with. My other two are SanDisk, I'm thinking I'll try and trade this one in for a Crucial and stick to brand names for the rest of my life =o