Question Brand New Battery Laptop stuck at 0%

May 2, 2021
My laptop battery doesn't want to charge, it does says "Plugged In, Charging" but it does not charge any power to the battery, the percent doesn't goes up.

I also bought new battery to replace the old ones, cause it's not only didn't charge any power, but the light indicator also blinking which indicates that the battery is already faulty, that's why i replaced the battery with a new ones, the blinking problem now gone but it still didn't charge any power.

I already tried with another kind of charger but still didn't fix it.

I even gone to laptop service place, but even the owner not really sure why, and i think the price he suggest was too expensive, considering the replacement doesn't even cost that much.

I return the battery and get a new replacement but it still did not fix the problem, the percentage was at 74% but it goes down by time because it doesn't charge any power at all from the charger.

about laptop:
Acer Aspire E5-473G
Windows 10

my laptop problem is the same as this thread:

tried reaching the thread maker but he doesn't reply.